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Gladius ROV


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Gladius Underwater Photography & Exploration

Underwater ROV

World’s most affordable & user-friendly underwater drone that’s designed for everyone.





Whether you’re a scuba diver, underwater photographer, commercial diver, oceanographer or just want to have fun, we’ve intelligently engineered Gladius with features to fit a wide range of uses:

  • Most Affordable – Compared to other underwater drones with similar features, Gladius is a steal at $599.
  • Easy To Control – Piloting is easy with its quad thrusters, four degrees of freedom and gaming-like controller.​
  • Long Range – Semi-tether connection increases range to 500m and 100m deep, triple the industry average.
  • Image Optimization – Light sensors and image optimization algorithms create stunning 4K videos without distortion.
  • Portable Case – Weighing only 6.6lbs and measuring 16.9″x10.2″x3.7″, transport 



Design, Camera & Piloting Overview

Gladius is an all-in-one underwater robotics package, complete with it’s own hardshell travel case



Engineered with features for professional use, yet designed to be easy and fun for underwater photography enthusiast:


With Gladius you’ll spend more time underwater, less time learning to use and you won’t spend thousands to get a Underwater ROV with comparable features.